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For days, Twitter has been awash with hashtags on the END SARS protest by Nigerian Youth. Prior to taking such action, there were a lot of shared experiences on the harassment and torture the SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) put Nigerians, especially the youth through. It is apparent that these officials are not in to work in the interest of the people. They are not in to protect the people of Nigeria as they should. They were given the mandate to fight crime in Nigeria but have resorted to extorting money from young people, torturing them and firmly believing that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN to them.

The vibrant Nigerian youth have so much to worry about and now they have to deal with SARS? Hear their cry! They are not asking for a renaming or rebranding to SWAT. They want an END to it!

Operatives of SARS may have thought the plea of Nigerians was not going to receive the national attention it deserved this time around but dear God, we are grateful for the availability of social media where the sins of the wicked could not be hidden; we are grateful for the strong-willed Nigerian youth who are fighting against such oppression in such coordinated manner. It takes the bold to take such a step amid the silence of the government led by President Muhammadu Buhari and the violence being perpetrated by thugs who pose as peaceful protesters. Your determination to bring this to an end is admirable. Clearly, this fight is not yet over.

What kind of government does this to its citizens? Lives have been lost, families are in grief, and citizens are living in constant fear in their own country. How did it get to this? The images circulating on social media only leaves one heartbroken.

I have no words to describe this.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is also bleeding. They are known for their rich natural resources but have been faced with looting for decades at the expense of precious lives. They need the intervention of the media and the United Nations. We need to support them in every way we can.

We need to pray for Congo. Image Credit: Google Images
We need to pray for Congo. Image Credit: Google Images

To the lost souls, RIP.

To those at the forefront of this fight in Nigeria and DRC, we are grateful.


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