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“Ya winni ooo… put the radio on so i can listen to the results again”

“Tweaa, so the lady won. You know she almost lost”

“Can’t you people in this constituency see she’s no good MP for you? Ebei! Shine your eyes. Another 4 years and there’ll be no change. Ghanaians kraa i just don’t understand you”

Rex and Kay were glued to the radio in Rex’s car.

They both knew the sound from the radio and their arguments over the election was ear-splitting but they cared less.

Rex was fed up of his land lord’s rants and attitude. In recent times, he’s just refused to put on shirts; he seemed to be getting in shape lately. He was putting in work for the six pack abs and he wanted to show off. Maybe he thought he was like them and that gave him the confidence to walk shirtless and nag all the time.

Kay was sure his baby mama influenced his decision to get back in shape.

They call the big belly a money bag; But i bet you, land lord’s was full of thoughts of unreasonable increase in rent, curses rained on him by tenants and all the carbs his baby mama prepared for him. With the size of his tummy and the age difference between them, he thought he could take advantage of the automatic power imbalance but here he was.

“They’re such a lethal combination”, Rex said when he overheard them arguing over the cost of baby food which land lord found outrageous. He knew better than to believe that the money he gave Jeanette was just for Baby Tee’s food and other needs. She needed to slay, to look smashing. It was at the top of her priority list.

“Ma guy”

“They say the EC’s system has been hacked o”

“By who? They should declare it so Ghanaians can put their minds to rest, at least”

“I sure say twitter TL dey pap rydee”

“EC memes kakra, press conferences kakra, comfortable lead kakra, party colours kakra, trolling aspirants kakra, pink sheet kakra, you and I were not there kakra, we shall proceed to court kakra, prophesies kakra, clash of macho men kakra, we need more women in parliament kakra, we pounded fufu for votes kakra”

This is GHANA! ELECTION 2020

“Move the car, Rex. I need to go out asap”, Jeanette said while she buckled Baby Tee up in her baby car seat. She had tried her best to avoid an eye contact with Kay. He was crushing on her and it was no secret.

“This baby is a spitting-image of her mum”, Rex thought aloud. He had not had a closer look at Baby Tee. She was cute.

He questions why she’s going out at a time these streets are unsafe. Okada riders have no cares and worries, taking over the road’s swerves and corners.

“Don’t worry, i’ll be back soon”

Jeanette quickly paces to her car, opens it up, sits, takes a second look at Baby Tee in the back seat and takes a deep breath. From her rear-view mirror, she could see Rex move his car while Kay opens the gate up.

Rex turns his car stereo on again, instead of the figures from election results taking over the airwaves, he wished he was listening to Alicia Keys’ “Girl on fire”.

Jeanette was indeed on fire.

Kay was sure his sudden switch to sing “Girl on fire” was out of spite but no yawa.

He was not perturbed. His uncle had contested for MP and Kay was sure of an end to his unemployed status. That was his worry for now.

“Ma guy, we for buy white shirts for church o. This victoryyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!”


“Fa dancing shoes no hooki me”

It was a peaceful election after all

“This is Ghana”.



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