How To Read Your Bible

Dear Children,

Here is a list of ways that I read my Bible.  I’ve written them as a lists of Do’s and Don’ts, but please don’t confuse that with the rules of interpreting your Bible.  That would be hermeneutics, and hermeneutics is not different for different people.  Even though I have them listed as do’s and don’ts, it would probably be better stated as: “I suggest that you…”, and “I suggest that you not…”.


Make it a goal to read your entire Bible.  Once you have read it, make it a goal to read the entire thing again in time.

Ask God silently–or aloud if you wish–to reveal Himself to you before you read.

Pick a book, any book.  Try to grasp the book as a whole.  Ask yourself what is the overarching message of the book or what is the central message that God is telling His people in this book?

Once you’ve…

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