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Can i now respond with the sweetest ‘Thank you” you’ve ever received on earth anytime I hear, Naana, Congratulations? Congratulations to all my colleagues as well. We made it!!!!!!

We looked tired after our last paper

At a certain point, I almost gave up because I felt I needed a change of course. I got sad a couple of times when i could not comprehend what i was trying to study. You know that feeling eh? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a lazy girl. But studying the LLB right after high school was nerve racking for all the reasons best known to every law student. I did my best to adjust to the system and I think I tried. It’s more like I had to get my share of discomforts that came with studying but God has been good to me.

During our Matriculation Ceremony at Larteh, we were congratulated for gaining admission to offer the LLB Program. There’s actually a ‘but’. We could not respond with A ‘thank you’ although I said it quietly to myself. Even though I wasn’t too sure of what was ahead of me in the next four years, I was a little scared of the new reality considering the comments I had heard about studying Law.

Isaiah 64: 8 says that;

Yet, O Lord, thou art our Father; we are clay, and thou art our potter; we are all the work of thy hand.

We came in as mere clay. The Potter, our father in heaven moulded us into beautiful pieces through our lecturers and many others we met along the way. The moulded piece we have become goes beyond the various courses we studied in school. We are going to be a part of the most conservative profession in the world and therefore this comes with a lot of Hard work, Intelligent direction, Discipline, Humility, Willingness to get more knowledge and be Curators of the Law Profession.

Our days in MountCrest came with unforgettable memories we’ll cherish forever. We came in as total strangers and slowly, within four years we grew to become a loving family. The days we spent teasing eachother (Sharp teeth and Sophie’s sachet water incidence)… lol… I teased Edwin more than any other person. Forgive me, Witty😂. Aww.. the birthdays, the losing of tempers, Stimulating each other’s thinking during group discussions, Parlace biscuits, and a whole lot.

I must confess that even though I haven’t stopped boarding Trotro, I’ll miss the drama that occurs in the vehicle from Mobile to Circle. It’s a short journey that usually makes my day when i’m with Sherry or Sharon. Sharon almost took her wig cap off one time because of her coins. How much was it kraa? You made my evening that day o.


With our Lecturers, we met the grumpy ones, the swanky one who told us Lawyers don’t board Trotro..lol, those who encouraged us, those who would have beaten the hell out of us had it not been for a fact that we were in the University and the boring during a lecture but sweet ones.

Thank You Dr Gaisie for the Sandwich you got for us in first year.

Monsieur Banahene, Nous aimions ces chansons.

We were reminded during our last lecture that the spotlight is on us as Lawyers and thus, there was the need to make sure we do not fall prey to wrongdoing.(Mr Ansa Asare)

Reality is beyond the law school!

The best way to end this is to wish everyone well and give the biggest Thank You to our parents who sacrificed a lot to get us this far.




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