Trotro forms part of the everyday Ghanaian life.

A young energetic guy who’s excited to be finally employed four years after National service.

He misses his former workplace. He still doesn’t know why he wasn’t employed after all the fried yam and Kofi brokeman( roasted plantain) he consistently bought and all errands he run for them. He was that submissive. He could walk to the ends of the city on an errand.
The tough times Aunty Herty gave him… if it is Kenkey she preferred for her morning, she wanted white fish (😂which one too is white fish). And if it’s plantain with beans (g)b3), she could determine if the palm oil was zomi.

Now that he’s employed, this is a typical day for him:

A smart-looking employee…

Boards trotro to work, targets the front seat because )mp3 s3 ne shirt b3y3 fii…. almost running late for work but he has to get breakfast so he decides whether to go for waakye or porridge unless it’s payday then Koko King will do. (To him, Koko king, in that package especially was bougie enough)😂

Gets to the office, heads straight to the pantry to finish his breakfast.

Joins the office devotion later because his mum’s voice keeps echoing in his head (“God first, my son”).

Gets angry that office osofo (Pastor) is keeping long with his looong prayer 🙄.

Works till it’s about 1:18pm then he remembers he’s not eaten lunch yet so he decides to take g)b3 but if he’s walking with office Khloe Kardashian then he’ll buy jollof like that.. he’s bought jollof for her why should he eat beans (anaa e be jon move?)

Remembers he has to send his sister in Krobo girls some Momo since she called requesting for money to pay her club dues (knowing his sister may be telling lies but how he go do am)🤣

Bae hits him up with “Hi Baby…😍😘” he stops in the middle of putting together an excel sheet work and wastes two hours talking to Bae. She is not exactly his best taste but how he for do..this is what he can handle for now. She has a lot to say. He can’t cut her short, otherwise, asem aba. (Waste of Office Hours)

It’s 5pm, he has to rush to get Kasoa trotro to avoid getting home late because traffic won’t be funny.

Gets angry as to why Aayalolo isn’t even working on the Kasoa road…like fine boy like him will be enjoying some proper AC on bus not the smelly armpits of rude bus conductors who don’t even have a masters degree like he does. (Yeah MBA papa bi)

Sits in one rickety trotro heading towards Kasoa.

He’s exhausted and falls asleep.

He’s in dreamland.

Mate asks him where exactly he joined the car.

He struggles to pronounce the name.

Mate gets impatient . He manages to be awake enough and then gives the mate Ghc 2.10. And tells Mate it’s his duty to know where each passenger joins the car. He wakes up suddenly and realizes it’s the Adinkra pie seller whose piercing voice got him awake.

What is he even going to take for supper? He’ll just buy This way Chocolate drink and 1 Cedi worth of bread. (Life of a bachelor)

He must buy mosquito coil too o… else mosquitoes in his room will feast on him tonight.
He gets home angry. Why??

Guess what?!😂

ECG has done it again😐

Takes a cool shower and
Lies on bed.

What a day! Or even a routine.

Says a word of prayer…😴😴😴

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