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It is disheartening to hear about sexual abuses some females, to a large extent, toddlers, have to go through. Most of these victims of Sexual Abuse are as young as three years old. Who will find a three year old little girl attractive enough to think of having sexual intercourse with her?

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Before you conclude by calling these perpetrators names, take note that the society in which we find ourselves is partly to blame for this inhuman act which is gradually becoming a part of us.

Article 28(3) of the 1992 Constitution states that A child shall not be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

This part of the Supreme law of Ghana is enough to make it known that No child must suffer from any cruel act which includes Sexual Abuse. Remember, Women are not mere items in a shop where you could just walk in with your shoulders held high, pick what you prefer and pay for it when your offer to buy that particular item is accepted. In as much as your Offer was likely to be accepted, it was also likely to be rejected at the counter.

Growing up, I’ve realised that traditionally, we tend to accept these Offers; should i say spontaneously? Yes! we make it seem as if it’s ok to be called a wife at age five(5). This thing called Respect should never be a weapon used to cover up the sins of people who sexually abuse others. Respecting your elders is totally different from being timid and unable to voice out any wrong done to you. I don’t think our forefathers taught us this: That it’s unheard of to accuse a man old enough to be your grandfather of any form of sexual harrassment. We must speak up when something isn’t going on right with our kids. Don’t Protect anybody’s sins!

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If you’re not yet aware, or you are aware and may probably be refusing to accept it that majority of people who become victims of Sexual abuse know their perpetrators personally because these people are usually the family Friends, Uncles or Aunties who can win their trust with a Bar of Chocolate or Two Ghana Cedis. Gentleman, do yourself, the entire community, the little girl you are shamelessly admiring and Me, a favour by staying away from calling her your ‘one and only’ or whatever pet name you may choose to call her. Although adults have their own share of pet names, our Toddlers get them the most. If your pet names are such that they’ll only give you up when the worse happens to the little one, then, please advise yourself. Desist from calling them ‘Queen’ and all others and stop making it seem as if when a baby girl is born, you have some form of possessory rights over her such that you begin to call her your wife because you believe she’ll be ‘yours’ in no time.

Gentleman, Pray for Self-Control.

If you feel she’s very smart and can therefore run all errands really quick for you, then I’m Sorry! My dear, what happened to the God-given legs of yours? You might not be the one to defile or rape her or do anything wrong but because you wanted her to be running errands for you, people will point fingers at you the moment the worse happens. So, I repeat, you have Legs, Use them!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Stop touching our girls and little boys shamelessly, they’re not your items.

This is a very serious issue eating us up as a nation. Every Child deserves to be heard. Parents and Guardians are to pay close attention to the little things a child says. Whoever might be sitting in the comfort of his home hasn’t seen the kind of post-traumatic disorders these victims have to go through.

Victims usually have poor Self-Esteem when there is no room to hear their stories. We cannot continue to sweep serious issues like this under the carpet because people like Korkor’s opinionated father, Tete, thinks his daughter is a liar for accusing Nii Noi, his bosom friend of sexual harrassment.

Dear Feminists, you have a role to play. It’s no joke! It’s about time you dealt away with baseless stories about who knelt/bowed down to whose husband and speak against Sexual abuses as well as the way forward to help our Victims.

stand against early marriage for our young girls!

stand against Sexual Abuses!


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